Works of Tadeusz Kantor in photography of the members of the Association of Polish Art Photographers:


Scenography and costumes he designed for theatre: Balladyna, Don Quichot, Rhinoceros, Thunderbolt Rocket, Le Chandelier, Zawisza Czarny

Cricotages: Where are Last Years’ Snows,

Cricot 2: The Circus, The Water Hen, Dainty Shapes and Hairy Apes, The Dead Class, Wielopole, Wielopole, Let the Artists Die, I Shall Never Return, Tomorrow is My Birthday

Happening: The Dividing Line

Exhibitions: The Popular Exhibition (Anti-Exhibition)

Objects: objects and paintings

Zawisza Czarny
Rakieta Piorun
Le Chandelier
Don Quichote
The Popular Exhibition (Anti-Exhibition)
The Dividing Line
The Water Hen
Dainty Shapes and Hairy Apes (also known as Lovelies and Dowdies)
The Dead Class