Łagocki Zbigniew

Łagocki Zbigniew

Łagocki Zbigniew


Born 6th November 1927 in Lwow, died 10th May 2009 in Krakow. Member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers since 19th June 1957.


In 1952 he completed his degree in Architecture at the Krakow University of Technoloy. Between 1951 and 55 he worked as an architect in city planning in Krakow, before moving to Switzerland.

Became interested in Photography during his university years. Member of the Polish Photography Society, in 1957 became a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers. President of the Art Commission, and then vice-president of the Board of the Association of Polish Art Photographers

Participated in many exhibitions both in Poland and abroad (Bucharest, Geneva, Oslo, Prague, San Paulo). Interested mainly in the broadly understood photography of the body. His best known series are Aerotica, Poliformia and Deballage.

In 1957, together with Wacław Nowak and Wojciech Plewiński he formed the Domino Group, renamed in 1968 as the Group of Three.

Taught photograpy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the University of Visual Arts and New Media in Warsaw.