Górka Witold

Górka Witold

Górka Witold


Born 5th April 1945 in Krakow, died there 18th July 2013. Member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers since 3rd April 1978.


Between 1964 and 1971 he studied architecture at Krakow University of Technology. Despite starting work on diploma under prof. Witold Konarski, he never finished his degree. He devoted himself to photography, his passion since high school.

He worked in the Photography Workshop of the Agricultural University in Krakow, and in the Academy of Fine Arts, where he taught photography basics. At the same time, he cultivated his interests in art and reportage photography.

Between 1976 and 1979 he belonged to Working Group, with whom he took part in several exhibitions.

In 1978 he was accepted to the Association of Polish Art Photographers. Member of the Board for a few years, and a Qualifying Committee member in the 90s.

His work was shown in a number of individual and group exhibitions. Works can be found in the Art Museum in Łódź, the National Museum in Wrocław, the Royal Library in Copenhagen and several private collections.

In 1980 he documented the events in Gdańsk, and the works could be seen at Gdańsk Sierpień ’80 exhibition in the Art Museum in Łódź.

For most of his life he was attached to theatres across Poland, especially with documenting the work of theatres in Łódź and Krakow.